1-Advantages and disadvantages of drinking filtered water

With growing concern that contaminants in water can cause illness, water filtration devices are a good choice. From water filter bottles to more comprehensive reverse osmosis systems, filtered water is certified as a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to live a healthy lifestyle. In place of bottled water, which causes environmental pollution, filtered water is also more environmentally friendly. Benefits of filtered water Before purchasing any water purification equipment, we recommend testing the water quality of the tap water being used. Water quality varies from a different region, and you can use the results to understand what contaminants should be removed the most right now. This helps you to buy a more targeted filter. Easy to use. You can get fresh and healthy water from your water purifier at any time for drinking, making coffee, cooking, and everything you want to do. Able to afford. A water purifier can easily remove contaminants from tap water and last longer. If you try to compare the price to buying bottled water, you will see that water purification products are more affordable. Environmentalism. White pollution has become a pollution problem that cannot be ignored. The infiltration of plastic pollution into aquatic ecosystems is increasing dramatically and is expected to more than double by 2030. Filtration devices, on the other hand, have a much smaller environmental impact, and the only waste is probably the used-up filters - most of which can be recycled for reuse. Compared to bottled water, filtered water has many benefits. Unsurprisingly, there are also some disadvantages. The filter needs to be replaced on time. To ensure that filtered water remains healthy, it is necessary to comply with the replacement schedule of each filter. The price of the filter needs to be taken into account when purchasing water filtration equipment Maintenance is required. Some large filters require maintenance, RO machines are currently the best water filters on the market, able to remove 99% of the contaminants. But the traditional reverse osmosis system machine's water storage tank, if not regularly cleaned may have the potential for secondary pollution. Tankless RO machine Compared to traditional RO machines, tankless RO machines eliminate the water storage bucket and use timely water discharge, which is cleaner and faster.GoldenGroup tankless RO machines are also upgraded with a TDS display, which shows the TDS value of the discharged and incoming water in real-time. It also solves the problem of replacing the filter by displaying a prompt to replace it on the screen. 600GDP high flow rate takes only 7 seconds to receive a glass of water. The process has also been simplified in terms of installation. Designed with red, blue, and white tubing for proper and instant connection. Only takes 2 seconds to replace the filter. If you know what type of water purifier you need in your home and make changing your filter on time a default rule, you can easily enjoy all the benefits of filtered water without the downside.

2-How Can a Whole House Water System Benefit Your Life?

The whole house water system is guaranteed to improve the water quality throughout the entire home by providing contaminant and odor free water. For example, if you notice sediment in your water and treat your home with a whole house sediment filter you will notice clean, clear water throughout every faucet. The whole house sediment filter can prevent dirt, sand and silt from clogging in your pipes. Improved Health – Chlorine is a useful chemical used to treat tap water. Unfortunately, it is also a toxic chemical that is harmful for our skin and lungs. When we shower, the heat opens up our pores and absorbs chlorine from both the water and steam. A whole house carbon filter removes chlorine and provides chlorine-free showers, baths and face washes to all faucets in the home. Softer Skin & Hair – A whole house water softener is extremely beneficial in reducing scale buildup throughout the entire home. This results in easier cleaning, softer hair, skin and brighter, longer lasting clothes. More importantly, it protects pipes and appliances from scale build up to protect any clogging from occurring. Water appliances are able to maximize their efficiency because of the reduced scale buildup from hard water. Whole house filters remove chlorine and other chemical taste/odor, iron and scale build-up, plus dirt/sediment, making water cleaner and clearer for your whole house. If you have no special contamination issues then a whole house carbon filtration system is recommended for general multi-purpose whole house purification. If you have special water problems then you would need a whole house system dedicated to treat that contaminant. A whole house softener is recommended if you require soft water for a scale free environment and spotless glassware. Whole house filters are a big investment for your home and work effectively to protect your fixtures and home appliances. Enjoy better health and peace of mind knowing harmful contaminants have been removed from every faucet outlet in your entire home.

3-What is a filter cartridge and how do you choose one?

Many people are interested in the benefits of filter cartridges and the scenarios in which they can be used. This article will help you understand more by way of questions and answers. How does a pleated filter cartridge work? Filters are an effective filtration method to prevent excessive sedimentation in water. Just like its appearance, the design is used for maximum surface area, which increases loading capacity and enhances contaminant particle retention. It can have excellent efficiency in spite of the low pressure difference. At the same time, the filter skeleton is designed with special materials, and the support layer and filter layer are combined to maximize the final filtration effect. Depending on your needs, you can find different sizes from 2.5 inches to 6 inches in diameter, 10 inches long, 20 inches, 30 inches, and 40 inches. It can be adapted to a very wide range. What are the advantages of pleated filter cartridges? - High dirt holding capacity Effective removal of tiny micron contaminants Strong bearing capacity and high flow rate - Easy disassembly and cleaning - More durable and long service life How do I choose the correct filter cartridge? There are five factors that you need to consider and it is important that you read the information. The first thing is to find the relevant certification of the filter cartridge, the authoritative certification can guarantee the product to the greatest extent. Next, you need to understand the quality of the water used and the pollution particles to be removed, and confirm the filtration accuracy of the filter cartridge. The use of safe manufacturing materials should also attract your attention. We all want to have a trustworthy water experience. Don't forget about its powerful dirt-holding performance! Pay attention to the physical information of the skeleton, which determines the cleaning frequency and use time of the filter cartridge to be able to obtain the maximum economic benefits. It is very important to clean and replace the filter cartridge regularly. Easy to clean and replace so that we don't add too much burden to our lives. A good product also needs a strong after-sales service guarantee. Learn more about after sales information! Filter Golden Group Cartridge Filter cartridge has been tested and certified to NSF Standard 50. Meets safety standards for pool, bath, hot tub and related water circulation system components and materials. Also certified by NSF 372, lead-free and BPA-free materials. Without worrying about material safety at all. Golden Group uses symmetrical, high-performance triple-planet fabric to provide 21-40% more effective surface area when compared to other structures. The triple-planetary weave has a stronger dirt-holding capacity and picks up more contaminants. At the same time, the robust core ensures high pressure resistance and provides excellent fluidity. Under the same pressure parameters, Golden Group has been tested to be able to achieve a longer service life than normal filter cartridges. Meanwhile, providing perfect after-sales service and ODM and OEM services. conclusion The filter cartridge has high filtration advantages, not only for individuals but also for companies. Due to the structure, filter cartridges have a larger filtration surface, which improves filtration efficiency.

4-What is the function of a shower water filter?

Taking a shower can help you wake up in the morning or get rid of tiredness at night. But tap water contains a lot of impurities, such as chlorine, which can harm the skin. Do you know what the functions of a shower water filter are? A shower water filter is of course important to making sure you can really soak in the beneficial water. Why do we need a shower water filter? Generally, when we shower, the pores on our skin open up, and chlorine and other pollutants can take advantage of this situation. Pollutants will be more easily absorbed into the skin and directly into the circulatory system. In addition, in the shower room, hot water will produce a large amount of steam in a small space, which is easy for the human body to absorb other water-borne gases, such as radon. According to the news released by the US Environmental Protection Agency last year, excessive inhalation of radon gas during a certain period may be the cause of many types of cancer. When radon becomes radioactive particles, it is inhaled into the lungs and directly endangers the respiratory system. Shower water filter function filtration of pollutants Golden Group shower water filter is a type of water filtration system that removes residual chlorine as well as other harmful substances from the water. Chlorine in particular can irritate sensitive skin, leaving people feeling rough and itchy. Beauty effects Shower water filters can really have a cosmetic effect. People spend tens of thousands each year on moisturizers, emollients, or other related products to prevent dry skin. At the same time, hair conditioners are bought in bulk to prevent hair from becoming frizzy. A shower filter can help get to the root of these problems. Some people who color their hair find that the color stays the same for a long time, again due to the chlorine removal. Limescale removal The water produced by using the Golden Group shower water filter provides an incredibly clean rinse. With less calcium and magnesium ions in the water, it does not cause soap scum to wash off the tiles and glass doors of the shower and certainly does not stay on the skin. Golden Group shower water filter The Golden Group cartridge contains 6 stages of filtration. Activated carbon, KDF55, food grade dechlorination balls, and other filter materials to remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, sediment particles, and much more. Reduces the risk of developing eczema well reduces itchy dry skin, dandruff cares for the health of the skin, hair and nails and is ideal for bathing children and pets. At the same time, the high-performance inline water filter will not reduce existing water pressure for improved rinsing

5-What is TDS?

TDS is an aggregate measurement of all the organic and inorganic material present in a sample of water. This includes dissolved organic compounds, inorganic compounds, salts, minerals, and ions. TDS meters measure the conductivity of the water in parts-per-million (abbreviated as ppm), which is equivalent to measuring the mass of contaminants present per liter of water (abbreviated as mg/L). TDS is a nonselective measurement. It does not differentiate between the road salts dissolved in your well water and the naturally occurring mineral content, like magnesium and sodium. If your TDS levels are above 600, or even in the 1,000s, it is a huge indicator that there is a wildly problematic level of dissolved material present in your water. But if your water’s TDS measures between 300-500, it is considered acceptable and it’s difficult to isolate if any of those dissolved materials are potentially harmful or damaging from a TDS reading alone. The EPA considers TDS to be a secondary drinking water contaminant. Secondary drinking water contaminants pose no health risks and are though there are suggested optimal levels of these contaminants, the EPA does not enforce these standards. These instead considered to be primarily cosmetic, aesthetic, and technical inconveniences. For example, acidic water is not dangerous to consume but is extremely corrosive and destroys household plumbing. Hard water similarly does not run the risk of making your and your family sick, but it will wreak havoc on your water heaters and household appliances. High levels of iron can turn your water a bright, unattractive orange color, but this doesn’t mean that drinking this water will cause illness.