The device purifies water and partially solves pollution problems and solves environmental water pollution problems. The device is designed to remove large impurities such as dirt, dirt and dirt gradually in 6 stages: 1-- A filter to remove impurities made of polypropylene threads with a porosity of 5 microns 2- A filter to remove impurities made of polypropylene with a porosity of 1 micron 3- A charcoal carbon filter consisting of two layers of activated carbon to remove chlorine and acti

RO300 reverse osmosis device

An integrated plant of six consecutive stages of purification, the water begins to enter -1 The first stage, which is polypropylene threads with a porosity of 5 microns to remove sand, dirt and plankton. -2 The second stage follows the water, where the polypropylene threads have a porosity of 1 micron -3 To return after that to the third stage (carbon and charcoal). Carbon works to remove chlorine and reduce the levels of minerals with water and charcoal to remove taste, color and smell. And


Do you suffer from calcification of your skin and hair? Do you feel short of breath in the bathroom? Would you like to have soft water free of lime, chlorine and gases as a result of heating? The shower contains a cartridge consisting of vitamin C and granules to remove chlorine and harmful substances on the skin that harm the hair follicle, thus protecting the skin and hair from harmful substances. Bad . Goodbye lime, goodbye chlorine, and welcome to fresh, impurity-free water. The ability to c

Air Refresher

The air purifier is designed to work in a miniature form of the nature-for-itself mechanism, as it is equipped with fans to draw the air in the house into the basin of the device to pass through the water within it. Water completely absorbs dust, smoke, bacteria and germs carried through the air and is cleaned and returned to the outside of the device, but with the required purity. The device was provided with a scenting system with an oily fragrance of several types, such as: pine flower - lemo

washing machine filter

Special for the washing machine to remove sand and lime deposits, it is installed on the water inlet of the washing machine to prevent sand and impurities from entering it.

X-ray sterilization stage

Ultraviolet sterilization stage added to the reverse osmosis device to sterilize water from viruses.

desalination device

The raw water chemical treatment process begins, where the raw water is passed through the desalination device Softener, which is an ionic exchanger that contains resin, which is the strong cationic ion exchanger, where calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the raw water, which are the ions that cause calcification and blockage of water networks, especially water circuits. Hot and cold, where these electrolytes are replaced by chlorine and sodium ions (brine) through the process of ionic exchange that takes place on the surface of the resin material located in the cylinder of the desalination device.


A healthy cleaning device that performs 21 cleaning tasks. It works on water instead of using bags to get rid of dirt and dust in the house. It removes smoke and unpleasant odors and replaces them with fresh healthy scents using essential oils. Equipped with a display screen to enable the user to work accordingly. For four different speeds while carrying out cleaning jobs that start from the floor and end with the ceiling, passing through cleaning mattresses, pillows, and all furnishings in the house, and the most important thing is the elimination of the acarian insect (dust mite)


A device for packing shoes with sterile bags of all sizes. To ensure more cleanliness of your home and protect it from dirt and germs left by shoes, and to get rid of embarrassment by asking to take off shoes when entering the house

Chlorine injector

The pump is a standard pulse injection pump with a diaphragm valve, made of corrosion-resistant materials, adjustable from 0 - 100% of its hourly capacity, equipped with a strainer for withdrawing and purifying the solution, springs for suction and pumping, and an injector for injecting chemicals with a non-return valve for water.


To get rid of lung diseases, allergies and infectious diseases, to get rid of lethargy and age diseases (stress), to get rid of all causes of air pollution and damage to positive ions inside the house and closed places, a device to purify and sterilize the air and activate the oxygen atom in the atmosphere. It is based on eight stages: 1- Pre-filtration stage to remove large dust particles. 2- Active carbon 3- HEPA layer filter 4- Antibacterial fan 5- Charcoal layer 6- Ultraviolet lamp 7- Photocatalysis 8- Negative ions The device is equipped with: an air quality meter, a remote control with a distance of 5 meters. Three parts air speed control. Timer button to set the time to turn the machine on and off automatically between 1-3-8 hours. Lights indicate negative ions, air speed, time, and an air quality indicator.

Cartridge filters (micro filter)

It is used to obtain high-precision water filtration of up to 1 micron and within various uses such as food industries such as juice and beverage industries (circulation circuits such as cooling towers and closed circuits) and membrane treatment units (reverse osmosis).

Versatile filters

- Multi-layered sand filters that operate with an electronic system with a volumetric or temporal control head. - Charcoal filters of various types that operate with an electronic system with a volumetric or time control head. - Industrial filters of various uses to remove raw water from nitrates, silicates, and others.

desalination units

It is used to remove harsh ions from raw water (calcium and magnesium ions) by the ion exchange method. It is necessary for all industrial uses (heating circuits, steam boilers, cooling towers, protection of cold and hot networks, etc.)

sanitary system oven

To ensure a healthy diet every day and to reduce obesity, he cooks without oil and gives meals free of grease. Multifunctional cooking device: grill, roast, cook, steam, heat, defrost and fry without oil. Do not smoke or burn food. Elegant, easy to use and clean, it cleans itself automatically. It is enough to fix the temperature and time required for cooking to do its job well. Twice as fast as a regular oven and cooks evenly by moving hot air quickly circling the food from all directions. Economical, works with halogen technology and saves about 60% of the energy consumed in a regular oven. A heat-resistant transparent glass bowl allows food to be monitored during the cooking process from all directions. It can be used at home, in the office and carried while traveling Optional accessories Low grille - High grille - Tongs to lift the grille Lid fixing base - Frying pan - Steamer - Baking base - 4 grill skewer - Expansion bag