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Why Golden Group?


Golden Group Filters have achieved great success globally because they have a wide variety of advantages over other products on the market.

Extended Warranty

Choose extended warranty coverage with high-quality water purifiers and enjoy long-term peace of mind.

Quality policy

Our vision is to be a leading and preferred partner for providing high quality integrated water solutions.

Golden Group

Golden Group was established in Syria since 1994.
Interested in everything related to public health, and because water is one of the most important components of life, our main goal was to provide the latest and best safe technologies that help purify and treat drinking water.
Because health is a responsibility... Our motto from the beginning was:

" Prevention is better than Cure "


Our mission is to be one of the leading water brands in the region. A high quality, affordable product for the consumers; a caring employer for its employees; and an environmentally conscious business which believes in giving back to the community - those are the values Golden Group upholds.


To be the recognized supplier and supporter of water quality improvement. golden group aims to provide good quality of life by addressing the clean water requirements; it is attaining this goal by offeringworthy water filtration equipment which are customized to fulfill the demands of customers to meet both commercial and residential needs.

Our history

30 years of continuous work to maintain your health:
Health is Wealth

Our History

30 years of continuous work to maintain your health:
Health is Wealth​

Start Direct Sales as Exclusive Agent for the Rainbow (integrated cleaning unit)
Agents for several international companies in the field of water treatment for non-domestic uses
Launching Shoes Covers machine with sterile bags
Launching a 5-stage drinking water purification Special Brand for Golden Group
Launching air purification and sterilization devices products GG3
Launching halogen oven product for healthy food GG6
Launching shower filter
Execlusive Agent for water purification systems from Sosafe Company
Air purifier launch ( RainMate )
Expand all over Syrian with 16 branches
Launching a 6-stage drinking water purification and sterilization system for Golden Group
Exclusive Agent for Ritello (integrated cleaning unit)
Launching Challenger product to purify and sterilize drinking water
Launching Alkaline Challenger to purify, sterilize and adjust the pH of drinking water
30+Years of Experience
50+Expert - Engineer
15kHappy Clients

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Top Products



  • 300 Liters Per Day
  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • Spare parts supply guarantee For Life
  • 7 Filtration Stages

150 GPD RO System

150 GPD RO System

  • 600 Liters Per Day
  • 1 Years Garentee
  • Spare parts supply guarantee For Life
  • 7 Filtration Stages

Shower Filter

Shower Filter

  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Granules To Remove Chlorine
  • Remove Harmful Substances
  • Protecting The Skin And Hair

Proud of our clients

Thank you to everyone who chose us.


Clients Say About Us

We value every feedback from our clients and we with pleasure publish them online.

Thank you very much for your response and maintenance. Hopefully, we will always deal with you, and I will give your number to my friends.
Dr. Abdulrahman Maher Al-Khatib

Excellent service and quick response.

Saleh Saleh

Thank you for the maintenance and commitment to appointments. We have been installing at my family's house from you for a long time, and I will set up my house with you, God willing, as soon as it is ready.
Engineer Mohammed Ali

The device is wonderful after I installed it, and I got used to it. I can't drink anything else anymore. Thank you, and bless you.
Samer Ahmed

Thank you, Golden Group, for the quality of the filter in all its details, excellent treatment, and special service. Thank you very much.
Maisa Saeed


Performed by a dental hygienist

Dental Teeth Cleaning

  • Cleanings dental
  • Removing Plaques
  • Gritty Toothpaste
  • Rinse & Fluoride
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Rinse Treatment
  • Period Services
  • All in one pack