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Is the water we use in our homes not suitable for drinking?
The water that reaches our homes is considered safe to drink, but it contains quantities of chlorine to sterilize it, in addition to high levels of dissolved substances.
What is the difference between your company and other companies?
We are distinguished by our guarantee, warranty and after-sales service.
Our company is more than 30 years old in Syria
What does the warranty include?
A warranty on quality performance for a minimum of 10 years, a warranty on all maintenance parts, a warranty on electrical parts (one or two years), with the exception of fires and intentional sabotage. Price guarantee
What does regular filter maintenance mean?
Periodic maintenance is a visit carried out by a specialized technical team every six months based on a prior appointment to replace consumable parts that are time to replace them.
What are the consumable parts?
These are the cartridges that are consumed periodically, and they are the stages (1 + 2 + 3 + 5).
In the event of a sudden malfunction or a change in the taste of the water or if you decide to move the device to another home?
You can contact the customer service department number found on the receipt or contract, and the case will be addressed within a period not exceeding 72 hours.
Can the device be installed for industrial or medical purposes, for restaurants and cafes, or only for homes?
The device can be used in homes, cafes, restaurants, medical analysis laboratories, and dentist clinics. As for industrial purposes, industrial filters or large purification plants with greater capacities are needed.
What is the amount of pure water that the device gives?
The device gives 300 liters of pure water within 24 hours.
What does the reverse osmosis process used by the device mean?

The process of reverse osmosis is a process that occurs in nature (trees) and is characterized by the transfer of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

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